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Facility Solutions




o  Suitable for businesses that have technological constraints on the design, layout and other building specifications of their desired facility

o  Avoidance of large initial outlays and financing problems related to owner-occupation

o  Offered with long-term lease contract (10 to 15 year term)

o  Offered with an option to buy




o  Suitable for companies with availability of cash and financing and a firm outlook on business development

o  Flexibly sized, zoned parcels, ready for design and construction

o  Access to high capacity infrastructure – electricity, water, sewage, natural gas, telecommunications

o  Location within the boundaries of IPSE

o  One-stop facility development solution - land sale with a design-build option (turnkey solution)



o  Suitable for businesses with standard facility specification needs

o  No initial outlay and no long-term commitment

o  Ease of expansion and quick occupancy

o  International best-practice warehouse building specs

o  Integrated office space

o  Flexible, modular sizing

o  Fast occupancy

o  Competitive pricing