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The Project

Industrial Park Sofia East’s tenants benefit from:


·    Strategic location and fast access

·    Locating in an integrated, branded large-scale project

·    Full-range solutions – speculative lease, land purchase with turnkey development and built-to-suit options

·    Facilitated future expansion

·    Building design in accord with international standards

·    Natural gas heating and exclusive agreements with utility providers for minimum operating costs

·    Security, fire prevention installations and controlled access to their facility

·    Professional full-service facility management

·    Onsite warehouse administration in integrated office units

·    Onsite cafeterias, shops, restaurants, banks and other amenities

·    Onsite employee and visitor parking areas

Industrial Park Sofia East features:


·    Three entry/exit controlled access points

·    Numerous parking and landscaped areas

·    Two-sided and one-sided buildings, accommodating cross-docking as well as standard storage needs

·    One industrial loading dock for every 600m2 of warehouse space

·    11 meters clear height and 24 by 18 meters column spacing for all buildings

·    Built-in, second level office units in each building with 10% office-to-warehouse area ratio

·    Standardized division of space into modules for flexible sizing of leased space

·    Shopping centre building with various amenities

·    Zoned land plots with border access to infrastructure for land purchase and built-to-suit client


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